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Please vote here for the November 2009 Car Of the Month.

No Voting Options?
  • Only Club Members can vote in the car of the month, to become a club member simply introduce yourself in the Welcomes & Intros forum, this will allow you to vote here and also post on the rest of the UKHCC Forums.

Entrants are as follows

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Philshort_live's Car

17" wheels
hood Scoop
5" Back box
Smoothed Boot
Black rear lights
Full respray pearlesent yellow ( door handles too lol)
Undercar neons

Full leather
Professionally sprayed dash same as car ( drivers cockpit bit + centre)
Coupe cut into parcel shelf with neon shining through
Green dials

Yellow hose covers ( done since pic)
Detailed clean
Green writing

Speaker upgrade all round
new head unit
Custom install half done


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lukewood's Car

exterior -

full blitz body kit
bleded in side skirts
carbon fibre bonnet
angel eye headlights
black rear lights
lambo doors
respray in bright orange
big spoiler
17" alloys (not sure on the make)

interior -

full leather
racing pedles

pretty boring as far as mods go but the interior of the coupe is awsome anyway!


infinity speakers all round.
2400watt amp with blue neons
2 12" subs.

one hell of a lot of bass!!!


4-2-1 manifold
de-cat pipe
exhaust system with a massive backbox
induction kit.

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LiDL's Car

Arty Shot

Boot Install

Making Friends​

  • Performance Leads[/*]
  • JDRides CAI[/*]
  • Stainless Backbox[/*]

  • Full Bodykit[/*]
  • Aftermarket Spoiler[/*]
  • Graphics from UltimateVinyl[/*]
  • Undercar lighting[/*]
  • Front Grill Lighting[/*]
  • Debadged Bonnet[/*]
  • Lenso 17" Rims[/*]
  • Tinted Windows[/*]

  • Mainly Standard except sound system changes.[/*]

Sound system
  • 2009 European Experienced 5 Channed Champion Sound Quality Audio Install[/*]
  • Custom Door Pods holding Pioneer PRS mids[/*]
  • Custom Tweeter Builds holding Pioneer PRS tweeters[/*]
  • Custom Passenger Footwell Sub Enclosure holding 2x6" CDT Eurosport Subs[/*]
  • Custom Boot Build holding 3 Rainbow iPaul Amplifiers[/*]
  • Pioneer P88RSii Head unit[/*]
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