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After a fantastic first cruise for Street and Track were doing another, anyone interested? ;D
Last time we had over 130 cars. For the next one were hoping to have an even bigger turnout and a burger van + offficial cruise Banner. The location is the car park behind Hull Exhaust Center but feel free to park anywere on the industrial estate. Also we had many jap cars attending last time from Civics to Supras and everything inbetween.

112-113, Bankside Industrial Estate
Clough Rd, Bankside
North Humberside

Starts at 8pm

This is a legal cruise and Police will be in attendance.

we have 200+ possibly attending and thats just cars, we have confirmed lots of clubs including

Fiat Forum
Renault Forum
Yorkshire Mini club
Hull Car Club
Brid Cruise
East Yorkshire Cruise
Cannontown Cruise
and more

We have confirmed europes largest limo aswell courtesy of Style Limousines
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