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I have seen this meet mentioned on various different sites i've looked on, and copied and pasted most of it from another forum (thanks eacruise), then bodged it, so apologies if parts of it don't make sense, or any spelling mistakes, they're someone elses, not mine. May be worth a look, especially as all proceeds are going to a good charity. If we get enough interest then it may well be the first official meeting under the UKHCC. (Unless there has been some i've not been invited too, which is likely, as all I'd do is moan about everything)

Heres a bit of info, will update when i know more.
Guessing it'll be a legal meet, as children in need reps will be collecting money, and can't see them chasing round trying to find an illegal one!

Location - London based But location given nearer the time (Herts/Beds/Bucks London) ** BUT TO BE CONFIRMED**

Date - Saturday 14th November 2009

Time - 2100-2355 (Then moving on)


In Association with

For one night and one night only this year..... car clubs and community s will be joined as one to raise money for one the biggest charity's ever!

BBC Children in Need raised over 37 Million last year and the money is already making a positive change to the lives of disadvantaged children and young people across the UK and the world....

In the current economic climate there will be more children falling into disadvantage and every donation, no matter how small will help BBC make a difference....

So lets show how UK cruising can put a positive vibe into helping the needed!

This event is a stationary event and donation buckets will be floating around for you all to donate,
also on the gate there will be donations for each car entering.... this can just be as small as lose change or to how ever much you would like to donate.

We will be bringing you the Best show cars in the UK, Magazines, local press and gorgeous Promo girls to entertain you all night long....!

So lets make a difference people and make car cruising get some positive feed back and help the needed!

Children in Need Official stamp and number!
has been received!

Please help us and invite as many people as you can to raise as much money as possible for children in need 2009

Lets show some support, get UKHCC recognised amongst other car clubs around the united kingdom.
Would be nice to raise a good amount towards this.

can make a day of this, spend the day at the location before the cruise at night, or can go straight there, suggestions welcome please.

The person I copied and pasted this from has been to a few of the events these guys hold, and they are big. They have alot of promo girls and get great attendance to there shows/meets week after week.
We can learn a thing or two from this!
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