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I have read, with horror, on both sites about people trying to "flash" modules on Gen 1 and 2 cars to extract the fault codes, as suggested on a certain American site. I would like to clear one or two things up.
Firstly - DON'T DO IT.
Globally there are [generally] two types of emissions compliance and diagnostic platforms. The Americans use CARB emissions and OBD (up to '99MY) and OBDII ('99MY onwards) diagnostics. We, in Europe, use EURO emissions (currently EURO V) and EOBD diagnostics (which is only based on OBD). We only adopted full EOBD in 1999>, before that it was a bit of a free for all regarding fault codes and diagnostic connector location/configuration.
Even though the diagnostic connector (DLC) on European cars looks the same, its pin layout is different to the American version, so arbitrarily stuffing bits of wire in and earthing them, based on American information, is a really bad idea.
Secondly - don't confuse OBD with EOBD. The system was designed (by GM) to centralise the whole portrayal and recovery of engine emissions (not any other system) related operating data and fault recognition/display for law enforcement agencies, due to the state of Californias harsh emissions regulations. Prior to 1999 Hyundai used two digit numeric fault codes (e.g. 14 = Throttle Position Sensor), whereas the E/OBD system uses four digit alphanumeric fault codes (e.g. P0122 or P0123 = TPS). The generic emissions related E/OBD codes are the same, by law, industry wide (anything P0XX). However the manufacturers could use a similar format to present other, non-emissions related component failure (P1XX, P2XX etc). So the code readers for sale on Ebay and other places and the generic code readers that repair shops have (I have one of these, so I know) will not be able to read pre '99MY cars and not all the codes on post '99MY cars.
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