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Not complete yet, but nearly there, so I'm going to enter it.

SRI with cold air feed
1.8 (F2 evo) Cams
2.5" exhaust centre section and backbox
OBX 4-2-1 header and sports cat (not fitted, will be on soon)
Sprayed rocker cover and cambelt gaurd burgundy
Oil catcher tank

Black lexus lights
Black side repeaters
OEM Hyundai 15" rims, resprayed black with Tuscani "T" centre badges
Rebadged as Tuscani Tiburon, respraying the words black and putting a red tint on the T-Badge (not shown in the pics above)

Sprayed interior parts burgundy
Red interior light
Seats from a newer Gen1 fitted as they're more comfortable.
Removed the wood from the boot, extra weight that no-one will ever see if its there or not.

Nothing, unless you count aftermarket bluetooth stereo.

Future plans are realy just tidying up the outside (dents will come out 1 day), possible rear wing change, vinyl, and refitting the LED indicators, once I get some resistors for them, and some neons/LEDs inside.
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