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First things first, I must mention they are doing a hell of a job on this. I can't recomend them enough..

Right on to the main event..

The car went in this saturday to get the old wiring stripped out, so pimp my ride stylee the car's interior was stripped and many meters of speaker cable, 0awg and various other wiring was removed.. the car was cleaned and ready for new stuff...

Then the new 4awg power wire, covered in protective conduit, was fed through the wheel arch into the cockpit.

and through the the boot

Next was the Chord speaker cables were put in protective conduits (lube helped a lot here) these were then fed down the middle of the car into the dash and cable tied at regulation distances to the car. there are 5 cables for the 5 channels which are all going to be up front (including the sub(s))

Then the spare wheel well was trimmed in grey carpet

At this point we were all high from the glue fumes, so the front seats went back in and we made a date for next saturday to continue with part 2.. which should include trimming the speaker mounts, signal wire, rcas and head unit power...


Didnt seem like a massive amount was acchieved during part 2, more wires were installed, this time the RCA leads, 6 channels in total in 2 wires. Once again, no cheap halfords stuff, we went for the audison stuff. These were fed down the center on the opposite side to the speaker cables

The power and signal wire was feed down the opposide side to the power cable and fed through to the center console

Then the speaker cables were fed to the places they needed to be, pillars, doors, etc.

this was quite a big step as putting the carpets and everything back in without it buldging and such was a bugger.

All the back seats and such were then put back into the car, so it was starting to look like a car inside again, still no door cards or a pillars though..


Just as important as getting the audio installed I had a new alarm fitted today, it already had a cat 1 in but that was done in 2003 and best be safe than sorry, no photos of this obviously, and I had no input as it was done by the thatham accredited installer.

so back to the audio install.

first off, I thought I would show you some of the fabrication process. So I've not had any door cards off for the past few weeks, it's not that bad as road noise is still at a minimum because of the dynamat

So what's happening to the door cards I hear you say.. well, they are getting custom pods built onto them..

and the a pillars have been stripped of the old tweeter housings and new ones crafted on.

Ok... so the wiring is all in the right place so I went to buy me some wood.. so we turn to the boot build...

The box sides were all put together in the boot and they are snug as a bug :)

so what's going in there?

well sexy i paul amps of course, three of them one, so to see what it will look like and make sure they will fit before we trim the boxes we took a couple off the shelves and put them in..

My a pillars were also trimmed and put back in.. but I aint going to show them untill part 4, when i believe the boxes are getting trimmed.

Still lots of work to go but it's starting to take shape :)

Christmas stopped play however were getting back into it now...

The door pods have been trimmed in suede, screwed onto the doorcard, then fibreglassed to the doorcard and then for good measure the doorcard and pod has been dynamatted to the door

and the sub box is taking shape, it's quite a big box, there are 2 6" CDT Subs going in it, it's not gonna be stupidly loud.. but it will kick :)

Last saturday was a bit of a milestone as far as the audio install.. yes.. some speakers went in, the mids had clamp terminals so the wires were inserted and the whole thing shrink wrapped, the tweeters soldered and shrinkwrapped

like an idiot I've forgotten to get pics of the speakers actually screwed in but I'll get some in a bit.. Tommy and I also managed to set fire to my sub box.. I blame Tommy's milkshake, it brings all the boys to the yard.

Got me some speaker pics...

The subs were all wired up and put into the footwell sub box

Then the distribution block was all wired in and the earth wired in

With 3 amps, lighting and such there's quite a lot of wiring that needed tidying up

So the boot finished:

Just a quick update, since I've just finished my first competition.


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pg03ben said:
thats nuts!! :D

Where are the subs hidden?! all I can see are amps in tha boot! :lol:
There be two subs in the passenger footwell, the sound reaches the driver quicker so it's not disjointed.

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