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nice simple little job this.
drop your steering wheel to lowest point.
undo the two screws in the surround.they are under the top part where the speedo and rev counter are.
get a flat head screwdriver and force away surround from where it ends on top of steering wheel.use a cloth around blade.
you can now see four screws exposed holding it in.undo.
pull forward and turn sideways in the dash so you can release the clips holding plug wires-press in middle
remove dash speedo panel.

you can unclip the glass or the back peice to directly access dials.both held by clips.
to change dials,pull off needles but first make a note of fuel.
using pliers gently pull out the needle rests for speedo and rev
remove dials.

when replacing faces,dont handle them without gloves.
replace needle rests
turn on engine allow to idle.replace rev counter where you know it rests at idle
fuel to where it was
after 2 or 3 mins temp to usual point when normal temp
speedo-easiest way is get a sat nav with speed-or borrow one-and run on straight road,set cruise at say 20 and put needle back at 20-carefully!!!

points to note-dont push on needles on fuel and temp too hard only need to be slightly on

remove the back panel-this is obvious when you look at the thing and you'll find your bulbs inside.easy.

centre panel

remove heater knobs-turn all to a position you'll remember
pull panel from bottom will just pull away with firm pulling
unclip all plugs-dont worry they are all different so obvious where they go
you can see heater control bulbs on panel just turn to undo with small screwdriver
switch bulbs are in the side and turn with small screwdriver
multi guage......undo four screws holding in radio and multiguage
slide forward and undo wires on multiguage and then undo four screws at sides slightly seperate sides and pull out.bulbs are obvious in back

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I assume you mean the one or two actual bulbs back there not the S.M.Ds in order to change the colour?
As that is a whole different kettle of fish and is a pain in the backside! Lol.
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