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First of all thank you for looking at the rules..

The aim of the forum is to be friendly and informative Hyundai Coupe related talk.

These rules can change at any time..

  • Be Nice
    • Do not flame other users.
    • Be constructive with your criticism, you're allowed to not like something, but let the poster know why you don't like it.[/*]
    • Please report inappropriate and off topic posts using the
      icon at the bottom of the post a mod will deal with the post.[/*]
    • Get a Gen x is not a good answer to a poster with a problem with their Gen y, Gen Wars is silly and won't be tolerated.[/*]

    Be Informative
    • Topic titles (outside the Welcomes & Intros section, playgrounds and lounges) must be relevent and informative, not cryptic.[/*]
    • If you have a problem please try to explain as much about it as you can, symptoms, when it happens, etc.[/*]
    • If you're making a stab in the dark when answering a question please make sure the person asking the question knows. [/*]
    • If Possible avoid one word answers to topics.[/*]

    Be Safe & legal
    • Please don't post topics bragging that you were street racing or doing 300mph on a "private road" it's not big or clever.[/*]
    • Please don't talk about illegal activities, this includes talk of swapping parts out for the MOT.[/*]
    • Please don't post new and ingenious ways of scamming insurance companies.[/*]

    This forum is for Hyundai Coupe owners and enthusiasts
    • A Non Hyundai Coupe topics outside of non Hyundai Coupe forum sections will be deleted/moved to off topic and posters warned.[/*]
    • Please keep posts in response to other peoples topics, on topic.[/*]

    Sales & Wants
    • Trade at your own risk.[/*]
    • Lock your post when you have sold your item or no longer in need of the want.[/*]
    • All sales posts should, where possible, include a photograph and a guide price.[/*]

    Information & Liability
    • All information is provided as is and with no warranty.[/*]
    • Follow advice and DIY's at your own risk.[/*]
    • What may work on one car may not work on another, UKHCC or it's members cant be held responsable for any damage caused.[/*]

    • One account per person.[/*]
    • Posts can be deleted, edited or moved without notice.[/*]
    • Please type in English, that's full English not text speak.[/*]
    • No swearing, which includes adding * or numbers to replace letters in words.[/*]
    • Do not type in all capitals.[/*]
    • Leave your crayons at the door, text colouring is not allowed.[/*]
    • Mods can delete / change your posts without warning.[/*]

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Good morning, great to see a site that has straight forward rules, easy to understand,and easy to follow, have been on owner sites before and found only a few good people will ever talk to you,hopeing this site is better so far its been fantastic thanks again :D Andy
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