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When you're buying car insurance you have the choice of three policies which each have their advantages over the other giving different levels of cover. The main difference in them would be the price of your premium, some may not be practical depending on your circumstances and age. Be sure to get a quote for all three types of cover as sometimes it can only be a few hundred pounds difference so the highest level of cover will give you more benefits if the worst should happen. Below are the three types of cover available to you:

Third Party

This is the most basic level of cover in which you can get, it doesn't really cover you for anything additional such as theft or accidental damage. If you were involved in a accident which you was found at fault, the other parties vehicles are covered but your own is not. This means you would have to pay for the repair cost to your own vehicle which is why it's very risky, especially with a new car. The benefit of this cover is that it will be far cheaper then fully comprehensive but you never know when you will have an accident.

If you were to have an accident where there were no third party involved, such as crashing into a wall, tree or other static object then you are not covered and will have to pay for the damages out of your own pocket. Another downside to this level of cover is that if your vehicle gets stolen or damage gets done to it while you out of your car then you have to claim on your insurance and pay any costs if the other person didn't leave their contact details to get in touch.

Third Party: Fire & Theft

This level of cover gives you exactly the same as third party but with a few more additions. If your car was to get stolen or catch on fire then you are covered and will be able to claim to recover some of the costs. This will be slightly more expensive as you are covered for more things but for many people this is the most feasible option, especially for young drivers who have not built up their 'no claims bonuses'. You should always keep the price you paid for the car in mind because if you have spent a lot on the car then you should always get the top level of cover you can afford so in the unfortunate event of an accident caused by yourself you won't lose too much money.

Fully Comprehensive

This is the top level of cover that you can get and covers you for everything, if you were involved in a crash which was caused by you, you will still be able to claim off of your insurance and get your car repaired for no initial cost. If you were to claim on your insurance and you don't have your no claims bonus protected (only available if you have four or more) then you will lose them and start from zero again.
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