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- Blue Spark Plug Cover badged Tiburon
- S/S Powerflow Back Box (4.5 Inch Tip - 2.5" Bore)
- Mid-Night Wolf 'Tiburon' Fuse Box Cover


- Lowered 30mm on Eibach Pro Kit Springs
- Colour Coded Electric Mirrors
- Shogun Rear Spoiler
- Re-Badged as Tiburon
- Alloy Wheels
- Clear Side Indicators
- Silver Bulbs all around
- White / Blue V4 Angel Eyes
- White Audi Style LED Strips
- Sidelights turned into second indicators


- Leather Seats
- Re-Painted dash & Door Panel
- Parcel Shelf carpeted in Blue
- Boot Carpeted Blue and Black
- "Tiburon" Midnight Wolf Hatch Plate
- Several Individual 3mm Blue LED's (In the Boot, Speaker Grills, more to come)
- 'Home Made' Shoft Shifter
- Blue Leather Gaiters
- Blue LED Map Lights

Sound System

- Panasonic Head Unit
- Apline 4 Channel Amp (Soon to be changed for Vibe 1000W 4 Channel Amp)
- Vibe SE K Series 6.5" Components (Tweeters in door panel)
- Kenwood 6x9 Speakers (Eventually will be changed to Vibe SE K Series)
- Fusion Tweeters / Cross Overs (Tweeters on dash)
- Flat speaker wire
(Will be adding a second amp to run 6x9 subs and second pair of components)

Soon to be added:

- Discs and Pads on the back to replace the drums (One of the only 1.6 Tiburon's in Britain to have them I reckon)
- Painted calipers & decals

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Starting to look good matey! Really liking what you've done with the boot lining! With that big old spoiler on the back it brings back memories of my coupe before i got the bodykit done! Love the angels eyes too

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Where did you get the angels done?

I imported a ready made set for my gen 2 but found I couldn't drive at night because the main beams pointed the wrong way and blinded on coming cars :cry:

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lol! Glad the spoiler brought back some memories for you bud :lol:

And, I bought the conversion kit off of shark racing and fitted the angels meself, they do blue aswell :D (I know I PM'd you but it is letting me reply now so thought I'd put it here aswell)
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