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Thieves in today's world will go to extreme lengths to gain access to the inside of your car if they think there is something worth stealing in there. No matter how hard you try you cannot stop them from getting in one way or another, you just have to make it as hard as possible and hope they choose an easier alternative. If this happens (although you will never know) then you have successfully beaten the thief.

The majority of the time the thief just wants the goods inside rather than the full car, still invest in an immobiliser and/or decent steering lock, you don't want to advertise how easy it would be to take the whole thing so they can strip it down at their leisure.

There are three common ways in which a thief will try to get inside you vehicle which you can prevent, but they think of new ways each and every day so you need to keep on top of your security to remain safe.

Smash the window

This tends to be the first option for a thief because it's the quickest way to get in. Another reason is because most basic manufacturer alarms will not go off unless the door is opened. The downside for the thief is that smashing glass can be loud so they have to be in and out in a matter of minutes.


You can upgrade your alarm to have either shock sensing or ultrasonic sensing features which will be triggered when the window is smashed making the alarm go off. If your on a budget and cannot afford to install a better alarm you can add a security film which will prevent the window from shattering making it harder for them to gain entry.

Prying open the door

Another popular method which many thieves still use in today's world it to pry open the door from the top corner using a crowbar. The glass will shatter as the pressure builds up, but same as the first method, many standard alarms wont sense any danger as the door will remain closed.


An ultrasonic alarm will most certainly pick this up as the crowbar will have to be inserted into the car to get the leverage needed to bend the frame open, another advantage of using a ultrasonic alarm is the fact it can be seen from outside which may put many people off, forcing them to the next car instead.

Disable the alarm

Many thieves try to disarm the alarm so they have all the time in the world to have a look around to make sure they don't leave anything valuable behind. The most common ways to do this is to either cut the wiring to the alarm itself or by disconnecting the battery if they can prise open your bonnet with a crowbar.


This method is not used as much as there are many solutions which you can implement making it riskier then the other methods stated. Many alarms have extra pin switches which can be put anywhere you desire, make sure you put this near the battery so if the bonnet is prised open, the alarm will go off. If you do this make sure that the wire to the pin switch cannot be cut through a gap in the bonnet.

Make sure that the alarm module is well hidden so that it cannot be found and tampered with by anyone. If you decide to power your alarm from your battery, try to make it less obvious then directly to the battery because if a thief was to get inside your engine bay, they would be able to spot any additional red wires enabling them to disable your alarm. You could try to run the power to the fuse box and tap into it the starter motor down there.

All Cat 1 alarms have battery a back up facility so if the alarm gets disconnected from the battery they will be still able to go off as they are powered by a separate battery making them popular in today's world and by far the safest alarms.
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